Chinese Robots Flooding European Market with Low Prices and Good Service

Chinese Robots Flooding European Market with Low Prices and Good Service

Following the tariffs on electric vehicles (EVs) from China, a new conflict is brewing: Chinese robot manufacturers are making significant inroads with European companies, especially attracting mid-sized businesses.

The issue of Chinese EVs being offered at significantly lower prices in the EU than those produced locally has already sparked a trade dispute with an uncertain outcome. Now, Chinese companies have identified another lucrative market within the EU, causing a stir in the industry. “Chinese suppliers are aggressively entering the European market,” says Susanne Bieller, General Secretary of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), as reported by Handelsblatt.

Chinese robot manufacturers are particularly notable for their competitive pricing. “Chinese robots are generally 20 to 30 percent cheaper than their European counterparts,” explains Mladen Milicevic from Unchained Robotics, a Paderborn-based automation startup that also operates a robot sales platform. According to Werner Hampel, head of the German Robotics Association, the price differences can even reach up to 50 percent.

Chinese robot manufacturers are not only competing on price but also on service, offering comprehensive support packages to attract European customers. The influx of these cost-effective robots is prompting European companies to reconsider their automation strategies, especially in light of the ongoing economic uncertainties. The aggressive pricing and service strategies of Chinese robot manufacturers are likely to keep this issue at the forefront of industry discussions as European businesses seek to balance cost savings with the need for reliable and high-quality automation solutions.