Skoda Elroq Achieves Up to 560 km Range

Skoda Elroq Achieves Up to 560 km Range

The newly released numbers are not entirely surprising, as the Elroq is based on the well-known VW MEB platform. However, there are some intriguing points to note. Skoda has announced four powertrain variants for the Elroq, distinguished by the identifiers 50, 60, 85, and 85x, similar to the Enyaq.

For instance, in the Elroq 60, it’s noticeable that the mid-range battery version of the MEB has been slightly revised: Skoda lists a battery capacity of 63 kWh gross and 59 kWh net. Previously, both values were one kilowatt-hour less – the 59 kWh battery was also recently announced by VW for the updated ID.3. Skoda has not yet provided a WLTP range for the Elroq 60; the ID.3, with this battery, achieves 434 kilometers – the range for the Skoda SUV is likely to be slightly lower.

The base model, Elroq 50, utilizes the new basic drivetrain from the ID.3: The battery offers 55 kWh, with 52 kWh usable. The electric motor delivers 125 kW, and like the Elroq 60, has a top speed of 160 km/h. No WLTP range is provided for this model either, so again, the ID.3 serves as a reference: VW lists 388 kilometers for this model.

Elroq 50 Elroq 60 Elroq 85 Elroq 85x
Power 125 kW 150 kW 210 kW 220 kW
Top Speed 160 km/h 160 km/h 180 km/h 180 km/h
Battery Capacity 52 kWh 59 kWh 77 kWh 77 kWh

Note: The table includes only the values confirmed by Skoda for the Elroq. For additional data on charging performance and duration, refer to the article on the updated ID.3.

For the 85 and 85x variants, the familiar battery with 82 kWh gross/77 kWh net is used. The newer version with 79 kWh net, used by VW in the ID.3 GTX, does not appear to be available in the Skoda. Instead, the Elroq 85 is equipped with the new APP550 electric motor, delivering 545 Nm of torque and 210 kW of power, while the ID.3 Pro S with the same 77 kWh battery uses the older APP310 motor with 170 kW. Therefore, the range of variants within the VW group is increasing rather than decreasing.

The Elroq 85x, the only all-wheel-drive model in the lineup, receives a second electric motor on the front axle – likely the 70 kW unit familiar from other MEB models. Skoda lists the system power at 220 kW, but the torque figure is not yet provided. With the 77 kWh battery, a maximum WLTP range of 560 kilometers is expected.

Charging times are not listed in the table, but the communication mentions a charging time of 28 minutes from ten to 80 percent for the largest battery – with a peak charging power of 175 kW. VW lists peak powers of 145 and 165 kW for the 52 and 59 kWh batteries, respectively, with standard charging times of 25 and 24 minutes. All Elroq variants come with an 11 kW AC charger. Bidirectional charging capability is not mentioned, but it’s clear that all battery versions will have both automatic and manual preconditioning.

While the mostly familiar drivetrains are not the focus of Skoda’s announcement, the design and interior space of the Elroq are highlighted – areas where the new model is set to differentiate itself from other MEB models. The Elroq will be the first Skoda model to feature the new “Modern Solid” design language, which aims to elevate exterior design to a new level. “Modern Solid represents a fundamental shift: the design language combines robustness, functionality, and authenticity, conveying a sense of security and strength. It thus brings typical Škoda design elements into a completely new perspective,” describes the press release.

Notable features include a Skoda script on the front instead of the brand logo and the “Tech-Deck-Face,” referring to the new sensor unit at the front that replaces the previously hinted-at grille in the Enyaq. Additionally, the Elroq will have “finely drawn” LED headlights and the currently popular four-eye face, where the main headlights are structurally separated from the prominent daytime running lights.