After all, how much do babysitters earn in Portugal?

After all, how much do babysitters earn in Portugal?

Average hourly rate increased 66 cents in 2023 compared to last year.

The average value of the babysitting service in Portugal is 6,60 euros (€) per hour this year, a value that increased about 66 cents compared to last year, according to data from Babysits platform, released on Tuesday.

“According to data from thousands of babysitters registered on our platform, the average value of babysitting service in Portugal in 2023 is 6.60 € per hour. The service costs per hour increased by 0.66€ compared with the previous year, since in 2022 the average was 5.94€ per hour,” says the study released.

However, the average value of this service varies depending on the city where you are: “From the analysis of the 18 Portuguese district capitals and autonomous regions, we found that babysitters ask an average value between 5 and 6 euros per hour.

Lisbon is the city where the cost of babysitters is higher, with an average of 6.88 euros per hour. In Porto the average is slightly less high, with the price per hour passes by 6.61€. In Coimbra the average cost of babysitting services is €6.26 per hour.